Sell your Colorado Home in 72 Hours for FULL price

Sell your Home in 72 Hours - often for $1000s more!

Hi, this is Rick Janson, Colorado Program Director for I am so excited to tell you about our better way to sell your home. This program is so good, it's been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC news shows and even in Forbes. So what's it all about?

If you are interested in getting the highest possible price for your home, you're going to love what I have to share. There are three important differences between what we do at in selling your home and what is done in traditional real state.


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Identify Full Retail Buyers - Right Away!

First, in traditional real estate, agents will typically list your home for 60 or 90 days, they'll market your home for 60 or 90 days and they will show your home over that 60 to 90 day period with the goal of selling your home during their listing term.

Now, 10 to 15 years ago, that was no big deal. But now when buyers can go online and see how long your home has been on the market, it is critical to limit the number of days it sits on the market because when buyers see homes linger unsold, they naturally presume that the home must be overpriced because other buyers have rejected it.

That's true, even if it's not overpriced. So we understood in designing the 72 hour home selling program that we had to find a way to identify the very best buyers for home quickly because time on the market is so detrimental to the price of a home.

And we did. In fact, the process, and the message we used to identify buyers right up front immediately for home is so good. It's been trademarked at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Create a Competitive Environment via Compressed Showings

Now, thing number two is in traditional real estate, agents would typically show your home to one buyer at a time. Not only is that hugely inconvenient to you, but it also does not create a competitive environment.

So we, by contrast to what is done in traditional real estate, we take all these buyers that are so excited to see your home, and we show them your home all at the same time, typically for 90 minutes on a Saturday, which is the first day of the 72 hours.

Then the next day, Sunday, which is the second day, we'll answer any questions they have, and we tell them all that Monday at 4 pm on the third day of the 72 hours is their deadline for making offers.

Now this is powerful. We call this compressing showings. What happens is all these buyers who we've gotten excited to see your home because we told them there was so much interest in your home.

They now see that were right. They see all the other buyers there at the home. This naturally creates a competitive environment that causes them to offer more.

It creates social proof that your home is indeed popular and desirable, and it creates an urgency for them to act so they stop looking around and make an offer on your home.

Now this is critical. The more offers we are able to generate on your home, the more we can leverage those offers – leverage those buyers against each other to get them to pay even more.

So first thing we do is identifying buyers quickly. Second thing we do is compressing, showing, so those buyers see each other coming, going, building a competitive environment.

Pre-Launch Bidding War

The third thing we do, we're particularly proud of this… They could never do this in traditional real estate because they don't have this big upcoming 72-hour launch weekend. They do not have all these excited buyers wanting to see your home.

What we do, because we have so many excited buyers so quickly and because we have this upcoming launch weekend where all the buyers know they're going to be seeing it at the same time.

We have a lot of buyers say to us: We don't want to wait. We don't want to lose this home. So we'll take the very best buyers for your home, and we will give them an opportunity to head off the launch to see your home before the launch.

We tell them that if you're willing to pay our sellers full price, or more, whatever they feel is appropriate, that we are going to give you the chance to head off the bidding war to avoid the risk of losing the home and buy the home before the 72 hours.

Now this is really powerful because we're selling a huge percentage of our homes prior to the 72 hour launch weekend to buyers who want to avoid a bidding war who are willing to pay full price or more to avoid a bidding war and, more importantly, to avoid losing your home.

So in a nutshell:

·         Identifying buyers quickly.

·         Compressing showings so that buyers see each other coming and going, and then

·         Taking the very best buyers and giving them the opportunity to avoid that 72 hour launch weekend.

If they are willing to pay a higher price for your home, full price or more for your home. These three things combined have one goal, one goal in mind, and that is not to sell homes in 72 hours, but rather to sell your home at the highest possible price.

What is our Goal?

I want to say one more thing before I go. As I mentioned at the outset, time on the market is so detrimental to the price of a home. What's interesting is most of our homes don't sell with low time on the market, they sell with no time, no days on the market. You might be asking, well, how? Why? Because, you see, whether buyers buy your home prior to the 72 hour weekend or buy your home during the 72 hour weekend, their perception is, the perception is that no other buyers have seen your home, which means - in their mind - no other buyers have rejected your home.

Thus, in addition to the competitive environment that we create, we also further reinforce your ability to get a higher price by the buyer who is most interested in your home believing, perceiving that no other buyers have rejected your home, I'm often asked. Rick, the goal of the 72 hour system is, of course, to sell homes in 72 hours, and I reply, “No, that's not it at all.”

The goal of the 72 hour home selling system is one single thing - the thing that I believe every seller wants most… and that is to sell their home, to sell your home at the highest possible price.

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